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The benefits of the Mark include improved employee morale, better tendering credentials, enhanced investor relations and profile as a leading organization and internationally



Find other people who can help you complete tasks which you are weak at. These can include remote employees also looking to work from home, or your family and close friends.


Excellence through People

The focus of Excellence through People is to get organizations to look at their people as a key source of competitive advantage.  The scheme is available to all organizations. 



A dynamic organization using measures and stipulation to benefit society and give a global advantage.



Principles of Jasmine golden group

All humans of all races, colors, languages are equal
A Day Without all humans of all races, colors, languages are equal is Like a Day Without Sunshine
The art of all humans of all races, colors, languages are equal.
The policy satisfies all people universe
Endless possibilities with Standard.
Our criteria. Just for you.
All humans are capable
only Customer brings peace of mind

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